Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Jog Up

I felt right at home waiting for the jog up; winds were blowing dust, and when the clouds gathered the temperature changed about 10 degrees. If it weren’t for all the green and the humidity, I might think I was back in West Texas!

We arrived early enough to get plumb seats for the jog up. I love watching these fit horses and their riders dressed nicely trotting up and down the newly-sanded drive. Speaking of the sand—or clay-like grit resembling big kitty litter—I wonder where they get it? It’s great stuff to keep the horses (and the riders) sure-footed in the jog.

Some beautiful horses here this year.

Two horses were held, and both voluntarily withdrew. The first was Craig Thompson’s Orion, and the second was Ashley Leith’s ESB Irish Doctrine. The former looked long and low and tired, the second looked off in the left hind. Sigh. How frustrating to come all this way and not be able to compete! But it really IS all about the horses.

Bruce Davidson Sr. brought TWO horses: Jam and Cruise Lion, both beautiful greys (the former a mare, the latter a gelding). He must have a thing for those greys! He looks good. He’s the reason I fell in love with this sport; I read a book about him when I was 9, and I’ve wanted to “do” eventing since!

Lots of European riders here, and they all have nice looking horses. Stanislas de Zuchowicz was smart in his traditional Fresh army uniform, but there were no kilts or other really interesting looks. Jose Ortelli jr. from Argentina had two horses who were quite…hyper. One his horses was so upset they asked him to go again. But he seemed very calm, and his horses all passed. Stephanie Boyer looked dashing in a very stylish blue Kentucky Derby-type hat. And Cayla Kitayama had an oriental looking top on that really made her look global.

I can’t wait to see these horses go! We’re supposed to have great weather for the rest of the weekend. Here’s to the best Rolex ever!

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